Tomáš Pojeta - Creative & Art Direction

What is this site about?

What I do

  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Visual Design & Storytelling
  • Illustration & Creative Web
Starship 21ZNA9
Suggested by:
Tomáš Pojeta
Flying priest
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Jiří Tvrdek
Monkey on a rocket
Suggested by:
David "Daves" Spilka
Suggested by:
Tomáš "Q" Potocký

About me

As you can see this is not another graphic portfolio showcasing my latest projects. I thought it would be cool to let you decide how I present my talent.

How to do that? Simply suggest what illustration I should add to this website to make it more fun. Just get in touch, share your ideas with me and then watch them take shape. Enjoy!

OK, so you're actually interested in my work?

I have taken part in a great number of projects over the last 15 years covering very different fields of visual design - I've created websites, illustrations, logos and corporate identities, I've designed short animations but also worked with large production agencies to create professional product videos. I can help you define your brand or just design your new business card. Or I can help you set up and manage your entire in-house design workflow. Get in touch and let's see what I can assist you with.

See some of the projects I've worked on:

Crazy statues
Suggested by:
Martina "Keila" Dorazilová
A deer on a raft
Suggested by:
Luděk Černocký


GSM: +420 607 983 211
Submarine cabrio
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Martin "Bulda" Bulín
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Štěpán Zatloukal